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Pre-fabricated Turn Key Modular Buildings

Containers consist of detachable and easy replaceable units (walls, windows, door etc.) what enables the possibility of a building transformation into various configurations. Unlimited combination of detachable units makes it possible to construct a container for every taste. Container standardization and convenience of construction allows various combinations during construction of large complex buildings. Containers can be joined together from front and lateral side or can be placed upon each other up to the 3d floor. By removing the wall units and using partitions it is possible to form unlimitedly large rooms. All containers are manufactured according to ISO standards and that is why they offer optimal convenience during transportation.

Presentation "Modular constructions - the scope of application"

Presentation (1,5 Mb) -> download

Project "Modular Field Camp"

Presentation (1,5 Mb) -> download

Project "Modular childcare facilities"

Presentation (1,5 Mb) -> download

Project "Modular construction for the Army"

Presentation (3,5 Mb) -> download

Project "Kitchens & Dining rooms of modular structures"

Presentation (1,5 Mb) -> download

Project "Sanitary modules (shower, toilet)"

Presentation (1,5 Mb) -> download

Samples of buildings constructed of modular units

School, Kyiv

Two-storey office, Kyiv region

Mini-office, Kyiv region

Building for technical services of office centre

Two-storey office, Kyiv

Exterior appearance

Interior appearance

Customer office at a construction site, Kyiv

Office, Austria


Auto business


Beauty Shop

Office at a construction site

Supervisor office at a highway construction site

Two-storey office, Kyiv

Office, Kyiv

"Resch&Frisch" Office


Natural disasters

Photos of modular buildings:

Office: 12 units 20' + 1 unit 16' modulus
Transportation of building: 64 units 20' modulus
Transportation of building: 38 units 20' modulus
Kiev, Svyatoshinskiy str., 3а (2)
Kiev, Svyatoshinskiy str., 3а
Kiev, Kirovogradskaya str.
Kiev, Frunze str., 160
Kiev, Zhmerinskaya str., 20
Kiev region, Schastlivoe
Kiev region, Schastlivoe
Киев, Socialisticheskaya str., 5
Kiev, Zhilyanskaya str., 110
Kiev, Bogatyrskaya str.
Lvov region
Kiev region, Gatnoe

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