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About the Company

Our Company supplies fast mounted buildings made of container modules in Ukraine.

Application area:

Fast mounted buildings are used in all branches and fields of activity. Our buildings can be organized for every type of application, such as office and accommodation, sanitary needs or emergency medical services, workshops or warehousing units, on a construction site or for school, the sphere of container application is unlimited.

The key advantage of mobile buildings supplied by us is the possibility of their multiuse and moving from one place to another that allows construction of functional complexes of multipurpose use within short period of time. Container blocks can be used as separate premises as well as in complex with other containers, creating up to the three storey buildings of almost free architectural planning.

Advantages of our containers:

  • Full availability for commissioning; internal finishing, concealed wiring, heating, canalization; ventilation.
  • Mobility: any time transportation, simplicity of mounting and dismounting.
  • Short terms of delivery (standard blocks are available from warehouse in Kyiv).
  • European quality and high reliability.
  • Convenience of delivery: typical dimensions according to ISO standards allow carrying out any transport type delivery.
  • Saving on delivery; transportation in transport packages up to 8 units on a platform.
  • Light weight of construction: weight of standard 20" module weights about 1900 kg.
  • Power saving construction: fully hermetical module, good at maintaining heat.
  • Longevity: lifetime is 20 years.
  • Certification in accordance with Ukrainian and European standards.

There are 5 reasons to choose our products:

1. The first reason is that manufacture of container modules are carried out on specialized production, that ensures everlasting quality and interchangeable parts, full compatibility during coupling several block-containers into one building, i.e. module building. We do not produce "shoddy" block-containers.

2. The second reason is the 30 year experience in block-containers manufacture, including that of "transpacks", i.e. portable containers.

3. The third reason is grounded by the fact that our block-containers do not "leak". The reason is very simple – the materials used for production do not exceed in formaldehyde resin, contain no lacquer and other chemical elements evaporations that literally cause the eyes to pinch and nose to swell. Our block containers are used for kinder gardens and schools!

4. The forth reason is concluded in longevity of our block containers. Due to the first reason we do not use welded joints for construction modular buildings construction. We never use any old ways of joining that spoil exterior appearance and constructability of block-containers, such as mounting foams, bonding, junctions, patches, etc. we use unique system of container joining, that has successfully been used for more then 30 years in all parts of the world. It means that after you have finished using modular building you may use our block containers by dismounting the building the way you can dismount box of bricks for separate units on a new site without any special matching or readjustment.

5. The fifth reason is the opportunity to transport up to 8 block-containers in one truck. You transport the building with the square area of more then 100 m in one truck following all shipping dimensions.

Why namely our containers?

First of all the engineers of the company have taken care of reliability. Every container is fitted with rigid steel frame, which is the reliable support frame for walls and ceiling and robust supporting structure allows constructing container buildings up to the third-storey without any additional holders and columns. By this not only the longevity of the container itself is achieved, but also the safety level of your employees, who will reside or work in them is provided. Besides, the containers are manufactured of the materials that ensure excellent level of fire safety.

On the second hand, having no opportunity to meet the demands of all the customers by the only one and the very comfortable type of container, the engineers have created meccano for adults. Yes, this is the very truth! All walls of office and accommodation or sanitary containers are assembled with several detachable panels. You can exchange them, remove, replace with the other ones or add new ones. At that, wall-, window-, door panels are available. Opportunities of their arrangement are limited only by your imagination. And this is not all. You can construct of containers the whole buildings or block of buildings as of cubes. Moreover that we have already taken care that joining them would be fast, reliable and easy.

At third, such flexibility and easiness of container replanning does not mean at all that you will sit among steel beams, bolts or construction waste. Your containers will have presentable look inside and outside, for you proudly to show you office, hotel or any other room.

The fourth, not only office, accommodation and sanitary containers are being manufactured that ideally match with office and accommodation containers in appearance as well as in construction and possess the same flexibility, reliability and comfort, but designed for use in conditions of higher moisture.

In the result you get a building that functionally is not inferior to a fixed-site building, and at the same time surpasses it what comes to easiness of planning and, of course, in mobility.

Why namely WE?

First, because Our Company has been working in Ukraine for twelve years and with each its project the Company has earned spotless reputation.

In fact it means that:

You can always refer to an independent party for information about us;

You deal with the Company that has not only reputation, but experience as well;

You work with the Company that over the years has formed feathered in team of professionals;

You are likely to ask what is the point for you?

Everything is quite simple; our formula for you is reliability in business, high quality of works and bargain price for finished product.

Why namely for YOU?

If you visited this site and read this article, it means that you are interested in our products and our services. You are ready to have a look what offer and what way can this help you not only to make your business more effective, but also add confidence and comfort in everyday life. Of course we all are working for our financial soundness, but if we work with challenge and comfort, then business performance increases which means that your income is also increasing. Let us cooperate, let us live and work with challenge, let us grow rich and more successful!

We wish you that!

Additional accessories

Despite the fact that standard containers are fitted with optimal set of accessories in their basic furnishing, many of our customers need additional functionality and comfort. In this respect already now we propose you wide choice of additional accessories, and we do not rest upon that, if you require something out of our standards solutions, our constructors and engineers team will work out your every inquiry and develop solutions for your tasks.

Electric equipment

  • Conditioners
  • Fan heaters
  • Exhaust electric blowers
  • Mini kitchens
  • Saunas
  • Laundry rooms

    Architectural and construction objects

  • Internal partitions (with doors and without doors)
  • Indoor wooden steps
  • Attic
  • Outdoor steel steps and grounds
  • Lofts with gutter system
  • Cash windows
  • Folding entrance doors
  • Steel floor covering
  • Glazed doors

    Sanitary ware

  • Water heaters
  • Shower cabins
  • Wash basins
  • Toilet bowls
  • Bowl urinals


  • Metal window grates
  • Metal doors grates
  • Fire-fighting systems

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